Avis de Tonibi_24705 - MSc in International Management (IM) - Audencia

  • Quel est, selon vous, le principal atout de ce programme ?

    The program does have its strengths, notably in providing a multicultural experience and a broad perspective on various sectors within the economy. It also offers opportunities to enhance your presentation and teamwork skills.

  • Quelle est, selon vous, la principale faiblesse de ce programme ?

    Academically, it falls short as the depth of specialized knowledge is lacking. You won't find yourself with much substance upon graduation. The teaching quality varies; while there are esteemed and greatly valued instructors, there are also those who might make you question your life choices. The tuition fees are quite steep, and the rate of securing full-time job contracts post-graduation is low. Furthermore, the program doesn't offer a significant competitive edge in terms of reputation within the French job market unless you enroll in one of the top 3 business schools in France.

  • Commentaires généraux

    Taking an overall view, the program does boast several strengths by bringing together a diverse group of international students, making for an intriguing experience. However, you can absolutely acquire those experiences and engage in more robust programs offered by Audencia, such as FAM or the Grande Ecole programs. Given the substantial investment required for this IM program, yielding limited outcomes, you're well aware of what steps you need to take to safeguard your finances.

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    Contenu académique du programme

    The curriculum doesn't delve deep into intricate details; instead, it covers fundamental knowledge and concepts that we could easily grasp at the undergraduate level. The academic returns might not be particularly substantial. If you happened to select this program during the first semester instead of FAM or Finance, consider opting for the Strategy specialization in the second semester. At the very least, you'll glean some basic insights into Agile. My friends had an incredibly terrible semester with the Marketing specialization.

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    Moyens pédagogiques (bibliothèque, WIFI, locaux)

    The self-study room and other library facilities are quite impressive. Nevertheless, they're always bustling with activity, making it a constant fierce competition to secure yourself a spot.

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    Qualité des professeurs permanents

    In general, the quality of instructors varies. There will be those who are exceptionally skilled at teaching, while others might be quite subpar. And believe me, your grades will largely hinge on the instructors rather than just your own abilities. Many instructors are professionals who simply moonlight as guest lecturers, often boasting about themselves rather than effectively imparting knowledge and skills to you. Additionally, a few instructors might show favoritism towards certain students if those students know how to play their cards right.

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    Contrôle des connaissances, volume et répartition des cours, travail personnel

    The group assignment dynamics are quite frustrating as well. Proficient students or those who are well-acquainted tend to gravitate towards each other for most courses. I've hardly ever had the chance to collaborate with more than a third of the students in my class throughout the program. And if luck isn't on your side and you end up grouped with online learners, you can expect nothing more than a fairly average grade for that course.

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    Reconnaissance internationale du programme

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    Services aux étudiants (orientation, projet pro., scolarité, etc.)

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    Ambiance, cohésion dans la promo (projets, entraide, loisirs, associations)

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    Ville étudiante, logement (coût, accès, situation)

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    Réseau des anciens, contacts professionnels

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    Qualité du directeur de programme et notoriété de la formation

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    Stages et aide à l'insertion professionnelle

    Apart from providing you with a Jobteaser website for independent job searches or a few career counseling appointments, which are limited to a brief 30-minute meeting, there won't be anyone closely assisting you in securing a job. The school's reputation won't do the heavy lifting either. You have to navigate this journey on your own. If you're fortunate, you might land a few sales positions within a couple of months, helping companies cut costs by hiring cheap labor. Then, you'll likely be shown the door and congratulated into the world of unemployment, with zero robust knowledge to contribute to the workforce.

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    Satisfaction sur le salaire premier-emploi

    The majority of my international classmates from this major are still struggling with unemployment after graduation, striving to secure job contracts. So, if you're not French, it's wise to seek out a program that imparts more practical skills and knowledge. This will not only aid you in landing a job but also provide you with a competitive edge, rather than just a hollow reputation.

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